Horses SOLD by Gold Buckle Barrel Horses


Tres are setting the barrel racing world on fire!!! Tres Seis has 21 million in offspring earnings and is now the 9th leading barrel horse sire. Today at futurities, derbies, pro rodeos… TRES SEIS HORSES ARE WINNING AT EVERY LEVEL. This horse for sale is no exception to the trend, he has many 1D wins and repeated WPRA money earned. Tres is an own son of Tres Seis, he’s been there, done that and can prove his record at<>. In fact, he was the ROUND ONE WINNER of the Cardholder race at the WPRA WORLD FINALS in 2012!!! Other WPRA earnings are from Lubbock, TX. Mercedes, TX 2x. Edna, TX. Duncan, OK. Sinton, TX. Los Fresnos, TX. Lincoln, NE. Magnolia, AR. Bryan, TX. Elk City, OK. Helotes, TX. Belton, TX. Tres also won a Glen Rose, Texas jackpot by 2/10ths with a 14.7. Won the 1D $1000 added Belleville, Texas Barrel race by 2/10ths. 15.159 Stephenville, Texas. Won the 1D at a benefit barrel race in Denton Texas. Placed at several barrel races including Salt Creek Arena in Boyd, Winmore barrel race Glen Rose (6th), Cleburne 1D, Fairfield Tx Turtle Run 2nd in 1D, many, many more 1D paychecks earned.