Rodeo for a Reason


Rodeo for a Reason is a ministry combined of equine professionals who use their skill with horses to serve a greater purpose and reach people in need.

About Rodeo For a Reason

It all began early in 2007, when two barrel racers with a shared vision to glorify God met via a horse sale and began organizing free clinic. Kendra Dickson and Chrystal co-founded what is now know as “Rodeo For A Reason.”

The first free clinic was held near Denton, Texas, in July of 2007. Thirty six students attended and a trophy saddle was awarded to the rider who was voted on as the “Champion For Christ”. Team Gold Buckle was born.

​Since then, the team and their vision has grown leaps and bounds. Saddles, buckles, horse trailers and other great prizes have been awarded over the years. Team representation spreads across the country and Canada, with members traveling as often as possible, to host large and small groups. There are professional barrel racers, iconic and legendary horse trainers , veterinarians, equine chiropractors and sports therapists, as well as many other horse professionals on board… all using their skill set for a greater cause.

Teaching horsemanship and barrel racing has become the ideal platform for Team Gold Buckle to share their faith in Jesus Christ. Over the years God has provided new avenues and opportunities to bless people far beyond the rodeo arena.

Team Gold Buckle raises funding and awareness for several other ministries and charities; The Shepherd’s Hand food mini try in Denton, Texas, Hand of Hope Ministries (Joyce Meyer), Southwestern Medical cancer research and patient care and children’s cancer awareness.

Team Gold Buckle has a BIG dream to build a campus, Gold Buckle University, and offer a place where students can come for a day, week, month or semester… a place where Team Gold Buckle Instructors can continue to use their skills of horsemanship to reach people for Jesus.

Kendra’s personal goal is to qualify for the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vega and ride each round of competition in honor of a different ministry or charity. She calls the dream “10.10.10” which stands for Ten Rounds, Ten Saddles, Tenfold. Team Gold Buckle will give away a saddle for each performance to raise money and awareness for the various “Reasons” they Rodeo.

Chrystal has recently become an ordained minister and enjoys using her time to speak and sing at many barrel racing events throughout Oklahoma and Texas. God has also placed a prison ministry in her care and she is devoted much time to reaching souls for Christ.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read about Rodeo For A Reason. Prayers are always appreciated! God Bless you, keep you and prosper you. If you have an idea and would like to help sponsor Team Gold Buckle, please send us a message. Or if you have a prayer request, we would love to pray with you.


Team Gold Buckle