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    I started my search for a new horse after having 8 years off of barrel racing. I was extremely nervous and praying I would find someone I could trust. Then Kendra Dickson and Gold Buckle Barrel Horses came up!!! I spoke briefly with Kendra and I immediately knew she was a woman who sincerely cared about my goals and what I wanted. My husband and I made the long drive from Vado, New Mecico all the way to Aubrey, Texas. Kendra took the time to let me try out all different types of horses to 100% make sure I knew what I wanted. She was never pushy and I knew she wanted the best fit for me. I found the one! Tom Ben! Tom Ben and I spent the next day at the Rodeo for a Reason Clinic. It was a perfect start to prepare me for barrel racing again! I took notes that day that I continue to read (3 months later) before every barrel race! Thanks to Kendra’s awesome team at Rodeo for a Reason and her kind heart, Tom Ben and I are now running with the best of them! As of this last weekend we have improved as a team by a whole second!!!! Kendra and her teams words are powerful and my heart is forever stamped by their kindness! I will forever recommend her and can’t wait for the day to make the trip again! Thank you so much Kendra! You have changed my life for the better more than you will ever know! Tom Ben was my missing link and I am so thankful for you, Rodeo for a reason, and your willingness to always help!


    Ashley Imming

    Good afternoon,
    I wanted to just say how thankful I am for the clinic. You ladies are truly amazing and I feel so blessed to have met you all, this clinic to me wasn’t only about the skills I learnt for myself and my horse, but was also a physical and mental break for myself, I can not thank you and God enough putting the clinic on, on days I was able to attend and not have to worry about my husband and my children.

    I can not wait to be able to ride with you again and enjoy praising the Lord and learning more about myself and my horse.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    Rebecca Dexter.

    When I think about Gold Buckle Barrel Horses….

    I think beyond the usual thoughts of horses, barrel racing, competition and so on.
    I think about family, friends, laughs, tears, memories and the passion for sharing what Christ has done and is doing in our lives each and every day.

    The team at GBBH is more than just a team. We are a family that can embrace one another, and support each other in times of need. There’s always that reliability of one or all in a group message saying “I’m praying for you, keep your head up…”. We all have highs and lows in life and without these people I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who I am today. I can always count on them and know they are gonna be there.

    Friendships come from all around, and GBBH has been all around the states. It is so amazing to create a network of friends with this organization. It creates life long friendships that may be separated by miles but are close at heart. We all want to be the best but if it means watching our friends take that 1D title, it is an amazing feeling to know you were part of that.

    There has yet to be a clinic where tears were not shed. Tears of joy and tears of pain, God is always working in mysterious ways at each and every task we try to do. It is an emotional experience to be a clinic and watch what goes on in our 1-on-1 conferences and in the arena. Most leave feeling more than just a better barrel racer but a better individual.

    I can honestly say I do not have 1 single horrible memory associated with this crew. We laugh till we cry and often when we cry its because we are laughing too hard. There is so many inside jokes, great moments, bloopers, bad runs to learn from and of course the memory of the moment your life was changed because of Gold buckle Barrel Horses.

    I feel God places us in the lives of others for many reasons. I never felt like barrel racing was such a blessed event until I became on Team Gold Buckle. Its the littlest things that stand out the biggest. The moments when God reveals himself to you by just simply giving your horse the courage to cross a creek or make that 1D run. He said in Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Life is not always a slide down the hill but more a bumpy ride in the valleys. Knowing that I can somehow shine the light of Christ and serving others is beyond a great feeling. Knowing I can do that with multiple friends all across the states, while riding and training barrel horses is beyond a great feeling but a mission we aim to do while Rodeo-ing for a Reason.

    Hannah Cochran

    ​Ada, OK

    Rodeo for a Reason has been like a second home to me! I have only been riding with the ministry for 2 months and they’ve already made a huge impact on my life. I truly believe we are rodeoing for a reason and that God is with us every step of the way. I love how everyone at Rodeo for a Reason is so positive and willing to keep learning. We focus our attention on every step that’s right and leave behind the negativity. We run on our faith in God!

    ​Kim Thompson